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Socialized Healthcare

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Should the government make everyone pay higher taxes but make it so when you have surgery it doesn't directly cost money from out of your pocket, but instead everyone has to pay for your surgery through their taxes and doctors get paid less money and the overall healthcare quality is lower, but now poor people can afford healthcare, assuming they can pay their taxes?

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This causes all sorts of problems. Socialized healthcare lowers the quality.

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This is such a double edged sword. In a "free market" health system (ie the US) you have the profit factor where healthcare providers are forced to think about keeping their busines afloat AND trying to do whats best for the patient, you also get people who get into healthcare not for the good of their fellow man BUT because it's a very high paying job. You also get cases like that one guy who lost his job and could only get min wage part time work with no benifits, who actually went out a robed a bank (for 1 dollar) and waited for the police to show up and arrest him so he could get free medical care in jail (he had a varitiey of health issues). On the other side, govt run things usually run slowly, with lots of red tape by poorly paid people with the "It's a job.. I guess" mentality. In the US we sort of have a soc. health care, but only for the poor, elderly and disabled, and it's constantly underfunded and over subscribed.

Perhaps we could channel a bit more tax money from building more bombs to keeping out population healthy.


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leks, 100 points for you 😉

fortunately, i life in a country where we have socialized since long, with all it's backdrawns.

but i would never guess of changing.

and to calm down the rest of us, still you have the possibility to get better care if you are wealthy, even if i think that isn't really good.

to the critics, hm, my daughter had a very bad start in life (therefore she will become a very honorable person),

do you think it's right only because we are "poor" (depends on pov), to get two assistants instead of a experienced midwife?

they made everything wrong, Layla isn't the first child of my wife, so she could tell.

interesting to see that (as few) we are divided 33 in voting, while i guess that social healthcare is out of the question, there can be only one answer imho.

or to tell it with a allegory, like i do often,

"every mothers child has the same right to live, now and in future"

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Medical system was ruined in the USA when they started turning to much profit. You know hospitals make money when in just a 40mi radius of my home in NH I have 6 hospitals, big ones too not just some urgent care place. These places are beautiful inside and they are always expanding. This is the problem, I don't care about plush surroundings or whether the food is good. I just want good medical care and that is it. Everyone needs medical care and medicines and the populous is taken advantage of in that situation. For example I go into the doctors for a routine physical about 2yrs ago and they do some blood work. I get the bill in the mail (thankful I have insurance), and I paid only $150+ for it but the bill was over $1200 to process some blood that a machine does all the work for them. Medical care and death is something we all will use or happen to us and companies and states/gov't take advantage of this.

I agree that even the poorest person should have the right to the same type of care a rich person would get. I know there is special treatment to the folks that can pay in cash especially for the organ transplant surgeries. But what can we do here...? I guess we could all stop going to the doctor and hospitals for a month 🙂 But then people would probably die of simple things we can cure these days.

Or maybe medicine is the problem.... we are living too long 🙂

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prices are often pure fantasy, especially for medicaments, example;

xxx suffers of Macular degeneration, a eye degeneration in age, there exist two different a wet and a dry type, i guess the medicament is for the dry one, but i can be wrong.

one injection costs here SFr 1000 in the states it's even more expensive $1300 if i remember right. you need a lot of injections and it can't be reverted only stopped in the best case.

there would be a alternative to that, it costs €50. (quite a difference)

both medicaments was developed by the same gene laboratory in the USA and was ment to fight cancer.

but they recognized it helps against this disease (the expensive was first)

the license belongs to "novartis" for the expensive one and for the other to "roche".

the problem now is, that "novartis" owns 30% of "roche" so "roche" don't let this medicament legalize for use against Macular degeneration.

a german laboratory tested the cheaper alternative and it's good as the other, but they can't legalize it, it has to be done by the license holder

in germany the health insurances found the price much to high and like to force them to legalize the cheaper alternative.

so they pay only €500 per each injection and leave it to the doctor which one he likes to use or to recommend.

they talked exactly 15mins with the pharma representatives.

ministry of health closes both eyes, because they like to fight price explosion to.

now if the doctor uses the cheaper one he earns €450 while if he uses the "legal" expensive one he had to pay the rest himself or share with the patient, whatever.

in switzerland they lowered the price already from SFr1500 to SFr1000, ministry of health has made a lot of sessions with the representatives and still won't give up

lowering it.

you see health insurances, if they work together, have a lot of power to control the price explosion.