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Better Than Us

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I just recent watched this Russian made TV show on Netflix called Better Than Us, yeah the acting is iffy in places and you can tell it was fairly small budget series but the concept was actually good.... about a android being made that actually wants to be part of the family, how the android starts to learn and interact and not be so robotic. 

Currently there is 16 episodes for this, there is talk it is renewed for a 3rd season. Even if it wasn't renewed there is some closure to the series in the last episode. But I hope there is a season 3 because the show was pretty good. Yeah I watched the englished dubbed version (which may have been a mistake.... but I don't fault it for that) but in the end its a decent story that makes you think about what could be.... because its not really in the distant future... maybe 5-10yrs from now if you had to time base it by the tech they are using.

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