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Announcing : Insurmountable Odds - Book One of When Stars Fall

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Hi everyone!


I'm afraid I only frequent these hallowed halls every now and then, and my eternal thanks to Pinback for keeping the Dominium thread alive with updates from my main blog 😉


I just wanted to announce that I've published the first book in a sci-fi trilogy intended to raise awareness, and funds for the Dominium game project : Insurmountable Odds


Hit the link for more info and links to the stores - available now on Amazon Kindle, and Google Play!


You can also read the first three chapters here for a taster to see if it's up your sci-fi corridor/gangway/street, or not 😉


The book is set in the game universe (naturally) and sets out some of the epic backstory that defines the universe, and the races, locations, technology that will exist in the game.


I previewed some of the early work here in SSC a goodly while ago, and got great feedback - but I'm keen to hear what you guys think about the final product, and whether it would be something you'd buy into (despite it being a trilogy and I'm only part-way through writing book two). I know some won't start a trilogy from a new author until the whole set have been written and published, I'm of the same opinion myself tbh! So I know I may be on a long road here 🙂


Any sales funds go into the Dominium game kitty, I won't be buying any Ferrari's - even if it sells that much!


There is a bit more 'lore' on the main site, and also a free short which is the seed for another novel down the road, called Daria.


Any and all feedback greatly appreciated, the good and the bad - I take it all on the chin and see what I can do to make things better 😉


Fingers crossed you all like it!