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Free Audio Books

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Since I am always on a mission for free stuff, I came across this website and this site both have free audio books. Since I am at a computer all day for work I just started listening to audio books since my workplace filters out all audio streaming sites and podcasts, I got nothing to listen to while I work now 🙁

I just finished up the book 'Rebels of the Red Planet' ( ... -fontenay/) and it was pretty good. And made my working go by faster and you can finish a book in a work day if you play them back to back... looking for another one now.

So if anyone has some recommendations for some great free audio books please let people know what they are.

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I didn't recognize many of the titles on the list, other than the classics, and the number of books I have is, well, too big, honestly. I did see two authors, Keith Laumer and Andre Norton, that I've read some of their work, and did enjoy.

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frankly, audio books are pretty far down in my list mainly because of the huge file size compared to the usual ebook. also since english isn't my native language, it's hard to understand without rewinding several times on particulary difficult passages

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Yes that is a handy site Darkone! Added to my favourites 😉