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Humble Book Bundle - Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Forgot to post this when it started but it still has over 6 days left, I might pickup all of these myself just because there is a few good titles in there:

February Thaw
The Meek
The Plutonium Blonde
With Unclean Hands
The Dragons of Dorcastle
At Empires Edge
The Horns of Ruin
Sing the four Quarters
Prime Meridian
Ad Astra
The Hidden Masters of Marandur
The Fires Stone
Drinking Midenight Wine
The Swords of Haven
Deathstalker Reborn
Shadows Son
The Assassins of Altis
Deeds of Honor
Salsa Nocturna
The Layla Chronicles
Servant of the Underworld

Check it out here: