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So, Actually what happened was, I made a big mistake, and for my entire life thought the Mario Bros. movie was about something else. 

Then, recently I looked it up , and had a bit of shock for a while,, because it was so different. By now, my story has evolved, but I can't say what the story was originally except that it was really similar, I can't say where it came from because i was really a little kid, , anyway I can say that some parts of the story are certainly according to a tale that is not mine, and I honestly thought was the story of the Super Mario Bros. 

Basically, to skip ahead, and talk about some other stuff. There are lots of minerals on the moon, but not mostly, there's tons of iron. In order to dig out that other stuff, it might be necessary to process tons and tons of iron. Since there's no justification for processing all of this iron, (think minecraft,,, if you just mine everything, you get a lot), a plan is formulated to roll the cost of the iron mining into a project that will have significant potential for future development, but for the near future is basically this crazy enormous project that does basically nothing for anyone. It is decided by some investor visionary that if on the moon, a gigantic erector set of beams, girders, pipes, cables and connectors, etc. was manufactured, and assembled into a huge empty iron frame,, it would eventually be filled with colonists. The frame would be designed so that it would be easy to have modular development, where passages, habitats, storage enclosures, and other equipment could be hooked up to this frame, which reached high up from the surface of the moon and spanned a huge area. It would one day be a mega-city, but in it's infancy was nothing but a huge empty erector set. The cost of launching iron from the moon is significantly cheaper than from the earth,, the moon is a perfect base for bringing asteroids to be mined for lithium etc., and impact landings of such rocks are viable on the moon, ,. 

I have two links. The first link is the revisit,, which describes how this moon city is different from the second link,, and the second link is MORE how I actually remember the story.


again,, I honestly thought the second link was close to what the actual mario bros movie was about. Only a few weeks ago did I look and see the actual story. I was like 10 when it came out,,, and I guess someone just told me what the story was, and I never saw it, or never payed attention I don't know,, but I genuinely thought the story was as I describe. In fact,, I used to bring it up,, "you remember that mario movie, how this and this and this happened" to describe dystopia,, and people wouldn't get it,, I would explain again, and at best I would get blinks. anyway,, I figured out what they were blinking about all those years ago....


moving forward. I have been playing a lot of orbital racer, and used to play mario kart. I really see where orbital racer is the mario kart of this mario alternate version. also, there should be a zero-g space taxi based on orbital racer,, with levels, single player, no weapons,, just navigation to docking points.