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[Sticky] Welcome to Sector 13

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Sector 13 is a third-person multiplayer space combat game currently in development. Terrestrial and interstellar environments are densely populated with space stations, asteroid fields, shipyards with under-construction capital star cruisers, and the flaming wreckage of your fallen enemies. Every starship, from the most nimble fighters to the kilometers-long capital destroyers are immaculately detailed and bristling with a warlord’s bounty of firepower.

Starfighters can be agile by nature, or carry weaponry that lays waste to titans of the fleet. Pilots choose from over 25 starfighters that best suit their talents and aesthetics, and dogfight among the stars in a variety of game modes, that until now, were found only in the best first-person shooters. Fly solo in a dogfight to the death, dominate the battlespace as part of a team in Capture-the-Flag, or work together as a squadron to bring down the enemy’s largest capital starships. Sector 13 provides an adrenalin-fueled zero-G ride through the cosmos and the opportunity to dominate as the best starfighter pilot the galaxy has ever seen.





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