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#46: Mayhem (3D UI, New Environment Art, Ship Configurator)

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The latest development video from us, not recommended if you have a heart condition, definitely recommended if you're looking for a kick!!

There's a hell of a lot of new stuff crammed into this one so expect a full debrief on the blog early next week.

Essentially though apart from the obvious Ship Configurator:

- We have the 3D improvements to the UI, spheres show ranges (Green - deep scan radius, Red - weapons radius, Yellow - status effects radius.)
- Status effects (more info) and scan ranges added.
- A new artist makes his mark with some beautiful background artwork.
- optimizations to turrets go in and fixed weapons get a rewrite - both now using completely simulated projectiles (more info.)
- All factions (all 9 of them) now represented as entities in the alpha.
- Drag selection box rewritten to allow Battlegroup formation moves and grouped Corvette wing moves.
- Enhancements to the fleet UI to support drag selection groupings.
- Game ported to Unity 5.1

Crank it up and enjoy!! (I know my hearts still racing...)