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Exploring the various facets of Shallow Space

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Here's a list of the royal ton of resources we keep updated. If you like the game subscribe to the ones you use even if you don't use them much, sometimes an increase in numbers automatically guarantees us more exposure - especially Facebook.


On the main website, we blog about patch notes - exploring some of the decisions we've made and post musings about direction. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the site.


IndieDB this ones a biggy - normally gets the vids and screenshots first due to high coverage and we also post more general high-quality summaries of progress once or twice a month. The more clicks on that link, the higher our ranking which = more exposure.


Twitter if you care to hear the incessant ramblings of possessed space junkies


Steam Greenlight - we've been Greenlit already but follow the page to get notified (when it gets converted to a Steam store page you'll know something big is on the horizon)


Facebook - Business marketing on Facebook 101: Likes = exposure, really do click like it helps us MASSIVELY


Reddit - an unusual platform built for you to talk about things rather than things to talk about themselves. We use it because when something gets attention it REALLY gets attention.


YouTube - If you're passionate about the project spend a little time going back through the archive - we've literally documented the creation of the game from Day 1.