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Faction: The Mineral & Fusion Corp.

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There are 8 human factions in the Shallow Space universe: 

  • The 3 core empire factions with overall control of the majority of humanity. 

  • The 3 mighty corporations, nipping at the emperors heels for dominance 

  • The 2 subversive authorities living outside of the core worlds of Shallow Space in the fringe colonies nibbling at the edges of the Imperium.


Some of the factions are further split into subordinate authorities or companies, some with Elite units and/or special abilities.


Find out about the first revealed faction; the 'Mineral and Fusion' corp over on the freshly revised Shallow Space blog... here


[Abbreviated: MFC] The second of the major corporations, MFC was quick to follow other corps path to riches through the accumulation of resources in the historic Sol system, however their claim to fame was the construction of a safe fusion reactor, the basis for all future civilization.