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Getting it Together

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Having had a bit of a two week tidy-up of the code and some pretty successful optimisation, I start adding new stuff working on spawning ships from jumppoints and stations and working on the placeholder shield and hull damage and ship destruction effects. We can expect plenty more fine details in the end, Alex wants to see hull fires and supporting explosions and has already demo'd some stuff to me as he works on an effects palette, I look forward to chucking it into the pot. In the meantime the basics of the sector prototype are well under-way which you can see in the latest vid and we get closer to something playable.



We really start to get it together as a team as responsibilities are dished out and I start getting realistic expectations of the cost of taking this project to the next level. We also have a 3D modeller join the team and someone else to help assist with the administrative burden of project management and the upcoming Kickstarter, more on that over on the latest IndieDB article which fired us into the Top 100, more cool GIFs and stuff to view too in  Infectious Vibes.




Over on the blog I start to elude to the bigger picture where I talk about the latest additions to the prototype and start musing about the wider mechanics in play and hinting at a grand campaign, read up more in Incoming Singularity and 'The Gift' is also brought to a dramatic conclusions and is wrapped into a handy downloadable PDF available over on the blog post The Gift VI.


Cheers from the team!