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It's the Early Access Launch day!

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That day is finally here folks! But we haven't used it as an excuse to let progress slip, we have a lot of work to do. We bounce straight into the arena with UPDATE 3 which adds a sprinkling of new features most notably the ability to customize your ships appearance.

"The major feature added in this update is the ability for the player to skin their ships in many different ways. You can choose primary and secondary colours and even the texture of the material. The themes are applied to ship configurations themselves, so you could have scout ship configurations coloured differently to attack ships."

Head over to the website and see what else is new!


Also we get a helping hand from the General Manager of another popular project 'StarMade' who is currently hard at work skinning the forums and will soon be helping with support and growing the community for Shallow Space. Lets have a round of applause for DukeofRealms!

Did you check out the game forums yet? Go and take a look!


So this current version is merely a preview of what is to come. The game will expand massively in both scope and content as we head towards final release. We intend to update frequently and will be adding serious amounts of content over the coming months.

As we hope you will see, what we have here is a very solid foundation, a lot of the core mechanics are present and the ways to interact with them are quite refined. It's a platform on which we will now keep building and iterating on.

I want to express a huge thanks from the guys at Special Circumstances, we really appreciate your interest and support and we hope you will enjoy playing Shallow Space as it develops!

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Congrats on hitting early access.

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I've been seeing your screenshots for a while now, and they look gorgeous.  Looking forward to giving it a shot when it is a little further along.