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Latest IndieDB news: Some Semblance of Order (new Ship!)

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New ship model unveiled over on Indie DB in the latest news round-up 'Some Semblance of Order!'

Also covered is a general report of progress, we talk about the reasons for putting up the new roadmap page and there's some fresh media in the galleries showing off the new 'Status Indicators' with ships now able to hide in asteroids and nebulas.

"Work on Omega continues with a Medium Corvette model being unveiled, the artists now report they are ‘in the swing’ but there’s a short break while one of them disappears on holiday for a week. You can view more angles of this great ship over on the blog site soon (Category: Omega) and take a look at the forum posts while you’re over there, plenty of people with some interesting things to say have gathered there."

Check it out!