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Moving ever forwards

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A few new Shallow Space development blog posts for you this week and a development video for your consumption today as we continue to make strides in putting together Shallow Space. 





If you haven't visited before, take a moment to visit the blog's homepage you'll find a wealth of information on the project as well as lots more screenshots and videos. 

  • The Gift (Part I) is the first of a 5 part short story introducing the leader of the Mercenary faction Marlon Kurtz - "He glanced at the deactivated controls of his little starship’s cockpit then checked his survival suit’s controls, again. Five degrees, as programmed. A week of refrigeration conditions had sounded better in planning than practice..." 


  • Perfect, the enemy of progress - I muse about the creation of Shallow Space and some of the challenges it brings particularly after the pressures faced from the lightening flash that was getting Greenlit. 


  • Fighters Galore - A development related update talking about the recently implemented AI Carriers and Fighters and looking at the mechanics behind them.
As always we're grateful for the positive feedback so far, keep it coming.