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of Simulating Intelligence and Overlord AI

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We talk about some of the principles of the AI in the latest development post and talk about how individual components on a ship can influence the decisions of a ship or it's formation in a bid to make the behaviour of the units seem more realistic.

Overlord AI gets mentioned and we talk a little bit about how it behaves reacting to the same information that a human player would, and how it doesn't cheat.

"Those of you that have been following the project have likely noted the enforced unit formations, and some of you have asked question about this additional layer of complexity. Just why have we opted for such a system? What does it add to control or gameplay? In this article we want to talk about just that."*

*"Overlord might of course then divert other Flotillas to the fight, or adopt another tactic to keep you on your toes, so as the Player you’ll have to appreciate the entire scope of the mission and the setting not just that particular conflict"

Read on in 'of Simulating Intelligence and Overlord AI'