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So I stumbled over... packs.




Going with naval terms it goes something like this:




Task Force




I'm sure you can pick a much better term than "pack", which makes one think of armed rabble rather than an organized military.



"Wolf pack" (WW2 U-Boote) was an aberration because in German "Wolfsrudel" has slightly different connotations.

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The term Pack is used ambiguously to describe a small formation of ships (no more than 10), a typical pack will have an assortment of cruisers/capital ships and escorting frigates. Several Packs will make a Flotilla, several Flotilla will make a task force. It is likely that these battle formations will involve elements from several Divisions perhaps arranged in a regional fleet.


Squadron, Fleet and Division will be elements encountered in the storyline but ships grouped in this way will not be seen on-screen due to the number of ships involved but will be mentioned as the player progresses the Storyline, think "Commander you are to fly to Epsilon-Indie where you will rendezvous with elements of 2 Div, your mission in brief: To assemble a task force and suppress pirate incursions in the Mayflower system" (2 Div will be NPC's played by the AI.)


I do not want get hung up on real life naval formations, granted I want to add authenticity to the game by coining the terms but I'm not a naval historian and nor do I seek to become one. The term pack is injected right at the bottom of the formation list to immediately throw off any nay-sayers and experts.


So we are perfectly clear: I'm not getting hung up on this discussion but will leave the thread open for the sake of politeness. 🙂