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The Omega Directive (the next step)

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So the crowdfunding thing didn't work out, we gathered round and had a pep talk and came back into the room shooting. We've had to look at what we wanted to achieve and what is likely we will be able to achieve without protracting time-scales, and we have been forced to sacrifice a feature or two as a result but actually we think we've come off far stronger now - read up on the latest IndieDB 'The Omega Directive'

'The Omega Directive' is all about turning the crowdfunding negative into a positive and one of those gleaming positive notes is a secondary 3D designer we have been fostering in the background. This guy has a keen eye for the details and a feature set that is bang up-to-date and having seen some of the shapes and designs coming in now - well we can't wait until we see what this guy will come up with when making some of the larger craft.
Get yourself on the newsletter - the exciting stuff will be passed there first and it's become a bi-monthly progress report, don't take our word for it check it out.

Mechanically, progress has been sound, with the games core-engine almost completely assembled and ready for an injection of content and with the cogs of that machine lightly greased we progress some of the higher level stuff like the minimap and consolidated mission objectives UI, you can also catch a peek at unit veterancy next to the wings there hinting at the framework for Officer management - suffice to say, it's all coming along grand.

Finally we opened up the game for preorders starting at just $15 and there are lots of digital incentives to increase that pledge. We hope the news will catch on because the IGG pledges have been refunded, we're back to the cash in our pockets and we have our eyes set on a high calibre of visuals and everything we make from that will be piled straight back into the game. Check it out we need help here!!

In any case, progress remains buoyant and I'm pleased to say the outlook for Shallow Space: Insurgency remains very very positive indeed.