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The State of the Art

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Massive changes now as I finish off prototyping the engine and start turning it into a game. I've started playing it a little more now, thinking of it from that UX point of view I spoke of on my blog post and turning it into something more accessible and enjoyable. One of the things I've been giving a lot of love to is the turrets and I talk about that here Turrets Revisited




Alex has started offering up the effects he's been working on and I know I have more important things to do (like actually making the game!) But I couldn't resist putting them in there and seeing how it all faired. Plus it's important to play the game under the weight of all the effects so I know where to optimise, well that is what I keep telling myself anyways. So there's much more of an update over on IndieDB where I talk about getting noticed by some big names, some talk of the new UI and I start eluding to the bigger picture The State of the Art





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