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Star Trail - Updates

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Hi everyone. I've nearly completed work on a space survival game, I've named Star Trail (inspired by Oregon/Organ Trail). As I move closer to the completion of this game, I am endeavoring to post incremental updates across the internet and here on this forum. I have a number of loose ends that need to be tied up before I can put out a playable demo, but I am estimating that it will be ready in a month.


If anyone wants to know more about the game, don't hesitate to send me your questions. Here's a short GIF of some of the aspects of the game (should give you the general idea of what it's about):




I am forever coming up with random text encounters and events (and always need more) so if anyone has anything that they think would be cool to put in the game, I am more than happy to included it in. Stuff that references (or hints at) sci-fi culture would be the best! Thanks all. Hope to have people playing the game soon!

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Currently, this looks nice! Can't wait 'til it's out!

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No updates in a year on this one and I cannot find any youtube videos, wonder if this got finished?