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Dear Spacesimcentral!  I am the Community Manager for a small indie studio named Solid Clouds who is developing a brand new MMO RTS game called STARBORNE.  I am posting here because I am looking for gaming communities like SSC to take part in our alpha tests.  


A small FAQ:



 STARBORNE is a massively multiplayer real-time space strategy game.


Release date.
Solid Clouds aims to beta test STARBORNE during 2016's third quarter.  The game is currently in alpha testing.
How do you win a game of STARBORNE and how long does it take?
Each game of STARBORNE has a definitive conclusion where a single alliance will be declared a winner.  A single game will take around six months to complete and will have random victory conditions.  A game of STARBORNE is an epic long-term political struggle between alliances healthily dotted with conflicts.  Note that alpha tests only last around eight weeks each.
What are these cards?  Is STARBORNE a collectible trading card game?
Yes and no.  Yes it has a collectible card system, no it's not a trading card game.  Cards are used to customize one's space stations, units and empire.  Cards are what makes your empire unique.


What do I need to play STARBORNE?
For now, STARBORNE is desktop only.  However, there are plans to make it cross-platform.  A minimal PC with Windows 8 or newer will be adequate for the alpha tests.


What's the world of STARBONE like?

We are putting a lot of effort into the background story of STARBORNE. Cards, names, characters and other elements will be detailed and with their own flavour and references to the backdrop of STARBORNE.  It's a whole world with its own story.


What can we expect in the graphical department?
Solid Clouds is dead set on delivering a triple-a polish.  This is why we have hired one of the best sci-fi art directors in the business.


What's the gameplay in STARBORNE like?
It's kind of like Civilization meets Travian meets Hearthstone meets tabletop strategy games.  STARBORNE is all in real-time.  Players log in to take their turns several times each day and set actions in motion.  Actions like shipping resources, sending units on missions or choosing which buildings to erect in their stations.  Once their available actions are depleted, they can log off while their actions are under way.


When can we take part in the alpha?
Our next alpha testing, which this community is invited to take part in, will likely take place in february 2016.


If you're interested in taking part in our alpha tests please register that interest here with a comment, I'll revisit this thread when we near the alpha test.  


I'll leave you with a link to STARBORNE's facebook page as well as to a photo album on that page where you can take a look at our concept art.  As with all young indie studios, we highly appreciate your interest, likes and shares of the page and album.


facebook page:

Concept art album:


Kindest regards,
Arelíus Sveinn Arelíusarson
Solid Clouds Community Manager


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Will there be actual combat you can partake in or is it all simulated combat done behind the scenes?

Your art looks great so far, how many players per game will your system support and what will be in place to get the balance of alliances so one doesn't win just because they are good at gathering members and winning because of shear numbers?

Moving to MMO section.

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This game looks like it has hit beta phase: