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New multiplayer game from Team 17 and the big question is well we see the Breed return in this? Marauders on Steam (


From Steam

Marauders is a tactical first-person multiplayer shooter set in an alternative 1990s where The Great War never ended, Earth has been industrialised to its breaking point, and many have fled to the stars. As space mercenaries known as ‘Marauders’, players will gear up and pilot their ships through hostile galactic reaches to salvage anything they can and survive by any means necessary. Throughout each match, players will be able to upgrade their gear on-the-fly as they uncover troves of loot from daring raids on hulking frigates and embark on tense touchdowns on moving asteroids. They’ll also have to keep a close watch for others looking to do the same and end their expedition with a bullet.

Key Features

Gritty diesel-punk world: Discover a brutal dystopia where The Great War never ended and survival is in looting and exploring among the stars

Raid, loot, escape: Plunder a sci-fi battleground and embark on daring raids for troves of valuable loot, then get out alive to claim your spoils and turn a healthy profit

Tactical first-person combat: Work alone or with up to three other players to survive intense combat encounters with realistic bullet simulation against enemy teams and AI opponents

Persistent gear and XP: Keep your best gear match-to-match and tweak your favourite weapons with mods while using XP to unlock new items and increase your chances of survival

Upgradeable spaceships and explosive sci-fi dogfights: Upgrade your ship's armaments; build a brand-new craft with scavenged resources; or take someone else’s by force



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Looks neat. They have very nice concepts to work with: Tarkov-like short-session survival shooter with PvPvE and very cool space-diesel-punk theme going. Hopefully, the core game loop will be involving enough to have some fun out of it. It might be since they mention some persistance and spaceship building/customization/stealing. Otherwise, if they get the shooter part right then at least we will get a space-wolfenstein-like FPS.

Who am I kidding though, I won't play it anyway, because it won't run on Linux for one reason or another, hehe 🙂