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SPAZ Halloween Mod (v1.009)

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Version 1.009 (Halloween Mod)

Added Mod system groundwork

Added Halloween Mod

Added - Spooky front end music

Added - Themed Radio chatter

Added - Trick or Treat mechanic based on size and type of station

Added - Base defense spinner weapons (will import to main game)

Added - Critter Storm on Trick or Treat Fail

Added - Experimental weapons test (spinners) on Trick or Treat fail

Added - Pumpkins (Asteroids), Flaming Poop (Artifacts), Candy (Rez)

Added - Ghosty explosions

Added - Spectral faces in nebula weather

Added - Costumes for Don, Carl, Elsa

Added - Webbed up Motherships

Added - Mining asteroid to pumpkin patch abomination.

Changed Point defense fires faster

Changed Critters 10% slower

Fixed Large scale optimization pass (Chapters 3/4 should have improved performance)

Fixed Armor tutorial shows up now

Fixed Point defense better at targeting and killing critters

Fixed Drones optimized

Fixed Drone reaction time improved

Fixed Cascading explosions shorten if the FPS gets to low.

There will be a v 1.010 on Steam Nov 1. This will turn off the default Halloween active mode. Shortly after that we will release v 1.011 which is a real patch again that will fix more bugs. That will be launched on all distributors simultaneously.

We hope everyone enjoys the Halloween mod, and remember you can turn it off on the setup screen when you start the game if you wish.