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What is an MMCSA?

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To know what an MMCSA is, first we got to break it down.

Massively Multiplayer Collectible Strategy Adventure.


Everyone knows what MM stands for, or at least they say they do.

-It's a game where hundreds to millions of players exist in the same game world and can interact with each other.

-Player interaction goes beyond mere chat functions


So what is a CSA?


A collectible strategy Adventure is a new game type that combines elements of the genres of Trading Card Games (TCG), Role Playing Games (RPG), Strategy Games, and Adventure games. So lets play mix and match together.


What are the best parts of the TCG genre?


-Unique items owned only by the player



What are the best Parts of an RPG?

-Powering up due to time invested




What are the best parts of a strategy game?

-using your mind to out think your opponent

-creatively solving puzzles and getting out of challenging situations


What's the best Part of an Adventure game?


-The story, duh.


All Spacemasters games and expansions put these elements together into one package.

Elements of a CSA.

Collectability-Spacemasters Games: All ships, upgrades, equipment, abilities, battlezones, and crewmen/Commanders can be collected. A collection grows over time and each collection is unique to that player.


Unique items owned only by the player-Spacemasters games-Each player has their own account in which not only their economic and personal stats or stored, but also their collection of said items. Each item is tagged as unique and only one of that item exists in the world. While items can be destroyed, they can never be duplicated.


Trading-Spacemasters games-All Ships, upgrades, equipment, abilities, battlezones, crewmen, and commanders can easily be traded between players.


Powering up due to time invested-Spacemasters Games-Everything in the game levels up over time.


Loot-Spacemasters Games-Pretty much everything in this game comes as a form of loot. Every mission and battle becomes exciting due to this prospect.


Exploration-Spacemasters Games-Every mission and battle takes place in different places throughout the galaxy. Every Battlezone is a unique place with a unique name, many even being owned by other players. Play Spacemasters and see the Galaxy. Every mission is procedurally generated, sending the player on an exciting jaunt throughout a sector of the galaxy.


Out-thinking your opponent-Spacemasters games-That's what Spacemasters is all about. Use your ships, equipment, upgrades, crewmen, commanders, knowledge of the galaxy's benefits and dangers, and abilities. Then defeat your opponent. Many different mission objectives as well as the classic attrition mode make winning in Spacemasters a very satisfying experience for players. No two games are ever the same, so actual creative strategic thinking is rewarded over rote memorization of level design and spawn points etc etc.


-Creatively solving puzzles to win- Learn about the galaxy. Every battlezone is a unique place, but they fall within classifications of real interstellar phenomena.  Learn more about what these places do in the real world, often those places within the game will hold many of the same pitfalls to space travelers in the game.


-The Story-Players can choose to explore the galaxy and defeat many inimical foes by joining in on the ever expanding story of the Galaxy. Engage in both single player and cooperative missions with other players to unlock the secrets of the universe and defeat a terrible nemesis.