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Absolute Territory

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Looks to be a fairy standard J.A.S.S game demo is on Steam. Does have a Newtonian style flight model and you should be able to make your own levels, like the moving asteroids 👍 


From Steam

Absolute Territory is the singleplayer sci-fi space combat action game set in a futuristic setting. Fly 11 different space fighters in World War 2 (WW2) style dogfights. Play in first or third-person views. Customize fighter weaponry, and create your own experiences using the in-game level editor!
Single player campaign
Reclaim Bold Peace from the invading Endophora and restore your empires Absolute Territory. Experience a story-driven campaign directed by briefings with more than 16 missions and 6 fighters to fly with cockpit interiors.

Instant Action
Fly against waves of enemy opponents. Can you win the simulation by going up against every known Endophora fighter?

A relentless stream of enemy fighters. Can you destroy the last wave before the next one hits?
High speed, low drag
As there is no drag in space your fighter wouldn't normally fly where you pointed it after a turn. The on-board Reaction Control System (RCS) will attempt to compensate for your direction changes and maintain manageable speeds using the ships' thrusters and main engines. Each ship in Absolute Territory has it's own mass and thrust power and won't handle the same.
Rotational thrusters will rotate your ship and attempt to compensate for any outside forces (collisions) which would turn you off course, and be mindful of oversteer as these fighters can turn fast.

Hit the afterburners and perform huge drifts while keeping your guns on your nimble opponent, or disable RCS and slide past large and slow targets while you pummel them into scrap metal.

Space in Absolute Territory is huge and the cold is deadly in its own right. Yet other dangers lurk. Keep an eye out, not just for foes in asteroid fields, you don't want to be the one who flies straight into an asteroid while keeping your crosshair on a target. Minefields are more deadly. Not only do the mines explode on contact, but they will drift towards any ship that dares to get close.
Level Editor
Absolute Territory includes an in-game level editor. Challenge your piloting skills while developing unique scenarios envisioned in your imagination. You decide the difficulty by adjusting the environment and opponents. Fight with the most devastating weapons against lighter opponents or truly test your skills against-all-odds.
Choose from 11 fighters to fly or fight against
Deploy warships and transports to protect or destroy
Customize fighter weapons
Use hazards to increase intensity or break up the gameplay
Create Conditional Actions to control events and direct player actions
Share your missions to the Steam Workshop
Steam Workshop Support
Ready to share your mission with other Absolute Territory pilots? Use the simple to use publishing tool to upload and update.
Not feeling creative? Explore the workshop, subscribe, and play someone else's creation and let them know how much fun you had.

An overview of everything discussed above.
First and third-person space combat action with WW2 style dogfights
Single player campaign with over 16 missions and 7 fighters to fly
Newtonian style physics, with an emphasis on fun over realism
Reaction Control System to compensate for zero drag in space
Circle strafe your opponents or perform epic slides
Evade incoming weapon fire using manual thruster controls
Create your missions with an easy to use and robust Level Editor
Improve your combat skills against waves of increasingly difficult opponents
Take up the ultimate challenge of flying the gauntlet

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