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I use app personally on a daily basis and its great and takes the stress out of learning crypto and the crypto debit cards are great, ask me anything on this. I will probably make a thread discussing crypto soon. REFERRAL CODE = p5mu64hcq4


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Whimsy Games is about to release a 6DOF style game called AS+CEND, it is a descent style of game that looks to be released into early access in Sept. you can get more info on the game here: or

Only thing I don't like about the game is that there is currently no single player, I do hope user created servers or player hosted games are something they are working on or this game will die off quickly after a year. Multiplayer only games have always been a tough sale for me, I have a few games in my steam library that I have never played before and basically can't because the game population is dead 🙂 Thats why its always good to have a single player piece or least a player server options with bots.