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Eterium Demo and Greenlight

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Hey everyone.  I'd just like to let you guys know that I have released a Demo for the SpaceSim I've been working on and we have started a Greenlight page.  You have probably seen Eterium pop up around here from time to time as it has been a personal project of mine for several years.  About a year ago, Dave, an artist, signed on to the team and we have made a lot of progress.  The game is coming along great and we have a demo available to share with everyone.  If you like the game please vote us up on Greenlight and help us get published on Steam!


Eterium is a space combat sim in the spirit of games like Wing Commander and X-Wing.  With Eterium it has been my goal to bring back the old school style of the 90's with modern technology, gameplay and controls.


Check out our greenlight where you can download the demo:


Questions and feedback are always appreciated.  Thanks!








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Uploading the demo to SSC right now (hope ya don't mind). Great to see you have gotten Eterium to this stage and the finish line is approaching soon. I will also add this to my greenlight list on the mainpage as well. Soon as I get some free time to sit down and play through the demo I will either do a small write-up or post something here. Thanks for the heads up and keeping everyone informed RogueEarth.


How close are you to release and could you also self-publish? SSC also has a store built into the download area as well where people can sell downloads of their games, models, etc...

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Nice to see you still going will put a vote in for you on Steam.