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R-Type Dimensions EX

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I remember playing R-Type I & II so much when I was a kid, nice to see these get a small update to improve the graphics and add some features so it makes it a tad easier to complete the game because it does get hard in the later levels.

Steam (Nov 26th):

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There was a very good strategy game for the PSP, based on the R-Type universe. I hope they will also remaster it. Wishlisted !!!

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That's a nice remake D1! 🙂 Although I don't think I've played it in years, not since my Amiga days anyways. I'd also love to see a decent Defender remake too. Played the heck out of Oblivion (same as Defender) on the Amiga too.

Hard? No, damn near impossible it was but what a blast! 😀