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Searching for an Old Colonization Combat Space Sim, Maybe Someone Here Can Help...

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Hi everyone, if someone knows a better place to post this, please let me know.


I've been searching for this old pc top down space sim I used to play and I can't find it anywhere. I've spent hours on google. Maybe it will sound familiar to someone here. I can't remember the name unfortunately although I feel like it was something generic like 'colony wars' or 'space battle' or 'earth ship'. I'm pretty sure I played it about 12-16 years ago which might explain why I can't find it lol. Everyone has a rank. I think the highest was deity and the lowest was private. In between there were a bunch like major captain commander etc. You could select what type of ship to use at the beginning of each round. I think dreadnought and scout were two ship names. The higher your rank was, the more types of ships you could choose. I think there was online play as well as some kind of single player against the computer There might have also been a free version and a paid version. When the round starts (it's realtime, not turn-based), everyone leaves their home planet area and goes out capturing planets and destroying enemy ships and colonies and colonizing empty planets. The lettering of the names of planets and their moons are grey before captured, and after captured they change to the color of the team capturing them. There was more than 2 teams, pretty sure there was 4. You can go to some kind of mothership that I think only very highly ranked players have, could have just been an NPC (or maybe it's an NPC in single player), to repair and upgrade your ship (hull, weapons, engine, etc.) using credits gained from destroying enemies and colonizing planets. I think it even tells you how many people are on your ship at the bottom of the screen. I think it said crew: (#) or something like that. And I think you could gain more crew from colonies with excess people and maybe give to colonies with not enough people. I think in order to capture an enemy planet or moon you had to have a certain amount more people (civilians maybe?) on your ship than in the enemy colony. Shooting at an enemy planet or moon definitely reduces it's population, I remember that for sure.


It wasn't the most finely polished game nor did it have the prettiest graphics. Not terrible, just simple


I feel like this is a super generic description but if anyone has any idea I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Maybe Starlord ?

This one is not purely top-down but includes space fights in 3D with a cockpit view, a feature that can be switched off IIRC, but from your description it could be it. I don't think Starlord had online capability and the 'ranks' are nobleman titles up to King/Queen and Emperor. Becoming Emperor is the final objective of the game.


Probably it's not it, but I hope other space simmers will soon answer you,




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Darkspace maybe? 


Why not fitting the description perfectly, It does havea lot of the elements that you mentioned.