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Tarr Chronicles

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Tarr Chronicles came out about 1.5yrs ago and here is my experiences with the game. At first glance Tarr Chronicles does look nice and the soundtrack is pretty good as well. In TC you are on a battleship with the mission to save Earth from the DeKhette. Maybe I have been spoiled with all the space combat sims that have come before TC. But this game didn't really do it for me personally. Here are my opinions and everyone likes different things so do try the game if you have the chance and it is in the bargain bin.


- In a gender that hasn't seen much love lately this is something to play

- The visuals and the soundtrack are actually pretty good

- Little bit challenging at later levels


- The voice acting could have been a lot better

- They say over 60 different ships but they generally look the same and the weapon special effects don't vary enough for me

- Heavily scripted game

- You like more freedom on the ship to do other things

- Game still a bit buggy



What do you think of the Tarr Chronicles?

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