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Zero Point

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And it's another FTL clone and they admit it as well  Zero-Point on Steam ( should be dropping into Steams early access some time this year.

From Steam.

Zero-Point is a 3D space roguelike inspired by the indie hit FTL: Faster Than Light.

With the fate of Earth resting in your hands, you'll embark on a dangerous mission to save the Star Federation and face down the rebellion known as the Galactic Liberation Front!

Zero-Point is currently in the development stage, and will include 6-7 races, around 50 different ships, 20-30 different level backgrounds and a wide variety of weapons. There will also be a full immersive soundtrack, as well as many engaging event scenarios and voice acting for ship crews.
It'll be a relatively high difficulty roguelike that rewards repeat play and encourages players to learn from their mistakes.

One of the things we want to include in the game is an immersive 3D look at the interior of the player's ship. You can see some preliminary interiors in the trailer. Players will be able to see their ship's corridors, crew, room damage and more as each battle and scenario unfolds.

Combat will be realtime and will see ships facing off with an arsenal of weapons ranging from beams to lasers, torpedoes and more. Similarly to FTL, there will also be random events in each sector of space that the player visits, such as the example shown in the video where a merchant ship outfits the player's vessel with torpedoes.

Our art style for Zero-Point is semi-toony, bringing the simple graphical style of the original FTL formula to life in a 3D game world in a way that hopefully excites and creates keen interest among fans.

Our co-director is a big fan of FTL and passionate about the genre (he's beaten the original with every layout of every ship) and we're super excited about this project to bring Zero-Point to life!

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