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Aegis Retaliator Pre-Flight Check

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These videos are damn impressive and really shows off why I need to upgrade my PC's gfx card before official release.

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I'm a fan and investor of Star Citizen, and I'm more or less satisfied with their progress, but I have to say I'm rather disappointed with the look of most of their ships (especially when considered as a set, rather than individually).  I'm referring to the design, not the graphics, which look pretty nice for this stage of development.  Why does everything have to be SO aircraft inspired, not to mention absolutely covered in things that look like intakes?  That's... well... pretty lame.  


When they did their initial pitch, I really liked the Hornet, sure it was very aircraft inspired, but it was also extremely reminiscent of Star Wars (the good ones, not the Gungan crapfest), so I quite liked it, thinking this would not necessarily be a universal style.  At this point though, I kind of dread seeing most of their new ships, they just seem so short of ideas beyond welding F-22's to A-10's.  The ships in Elite Dangerous may look plain, but only the Eagle looks much like an aircraft, and they do a very good job of retaining the look of their particular manufacturer.  Of course, the coolest ship designs in my opinion are to be found in EVE, but I suppose it's easier to do big ships than small ones.  


If I had to guess I'd say the same artists are churning out some really great designs too, they are clearly very talented.  It seems however that something bad is happening during the filtering process.