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Starfall Tactics: New Eclipse Battleship and Loot Boxes in Survival mode

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The autumn has come and we are happy to meet the new season 😉

**Sunrise, Eclipse Battleship**

The third Battleship which belongs to Eclipse faction is already here! Classic eclipse design of Sunrise brings you another ship to admire, use it as an effective assault force and a part of you great fleet.

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**Survival mode & Loot Boxes**

Just a couple tests ago Survival mode got an update which brought many cool features, including special loot boxes. These loot boxes could appear after certain enemy waves and give you a significant amount or IGC and XP if you collect them.

Due to all the changes - extended crafting system and resources in particular, we decided to modify these boxes to let them fit actual concept better.

Now loot boxes in Survival mode, instead of IGC and XP, give you special resource - Neitherium. This resources will be automatically converted to IGC on Survival completion.

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And Cheers to you from the Snowforged Team and thanks once again for staying with us! With hope that our happy faces will make you smile a little more this week 😉

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