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WIP: Tizona Battleship, Hexagonal Maps and Ship Repairing System

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We continue working on important game aspects, and this week we also have some news to share:

**- Vanguard Battleship - Tizona**

The next Battleship is joining Vanguard faction - Tizona. This ship looks just as great as you could imagine and sometimes can remind one famous enough spacecraft:

![]( "")

Eclipse Battleship is also joining us next week - check out for updates on our Sketchfab page!

**- Hexagonal Maps**

A small, but nice improvement which is going to make your life in MMO mode more comfortable and logical: Hexagonal Maps.

![]( "")

In addition to their special form, they have a couple of other features: place, where you enter the hex on the Galaxy Map, directly affects on the place, where you can appear on the map. For example, if you chase your enemy and attack him from the top right side, you will enter your fleet from this top right side on the battlefield.

There are other changes which affect the way you leave the battle: Once the first ship of yours reaches the rim of the map and crosses it, other edges become inactive - red - and all remaining ships in your fleet can leave the battle only by crossing the same edge.

We hope that all these changes can help you clearly imagine the battlefield and understand it better.

**- Ship Repairing**

In the MMO mode, even if you lose the whole fleet, you have no penalties except of lost cargo. So, the loss of the single ship is not that painful here. Moreover, sometimes you can meet situations when after being defeated you can almost immediately jump into another battle, just spamming enemies in your system. And this situation doesn't look really great at all - your ships with hundreds and thousands of people on them become just a junk, a consumable with no limit you can sacrifice without any significant loss. Of course, a permanent loss of the ship would be too much here, so we decided to change our repairing system a little bit.

![]( "")

Until that moment, you could repair your ships on special Repair Stations in Open Space for IGC and repair & get back your destroyed ships for free - on Mothership. Now, if you get your ships destroyed on Galaxy Map, they can't be immediately returned into your Detachment. Instead, they'll have a repair time - don't worry, it's not going to last for ages - just a short period to make you value them a little more. Their repair time also depends on the class and construction complexity for each ship. At the same time, we are thinking about removing Repair Stations from the map, reworking them or just leave it as an additional way to repair your ship.

Value every ship in your fleet - and you will see how it can turn the tide 😉