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Starpoint Gemini 2 new game, patch and DLC

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And another game get an anniversary alone with news of a new game and DLC



This weekend, publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Little Green Men Games will celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the launch of Starpoint Gemini 2 on Steam, offering all Starpoint Gemini games at 70% off for a week, as a Special Promotion.

Demonstrating continued support for the game, the developer released a new patch this week, with tweaks and optimizations.

There is further exciting news regarding the highly successful space sim franchise, with the announcement of new DLC for November 2015 (named "Titans"), as well as the message that the strategy-oriented sequel Starpoint Gemini: Warlords is still on course for a Steam Early Access entry during Q4-2015.

About Starpoint Gemini 2 Titans DLC:

  • 3 new Titan class ships and 3 new chain-quests.
  • Choose and help one of the three major factions finish their Titan and fight other Titans.
  • A new set of hero characters to hunt down.




  • FIXED: An error that could potentially cause the game to crash when a fighter is firing a missile at the same time as the ship is going through its OnDestroy animation
  • FIXED: A potential CTD error when merceneries are attacking a defense platform
  • FIXED: An error in the "Rogues signing off pt.2" mission (Origins DLC)
  • FIXED: Faction change issue related to the Korkyran Triumvirate and the Liberation front (Origins DLC)
  • FIXED: Waiting for orders objective issue when crossing from mission 22 to mission 23
  • FIXED: An error where the Apocalypto didn't regenerate shields after they were shut down
  • FIXED: An error that would cause the game to crash when accessing the Starchart after all nebulas were removed from the game world
  • FIXED: A memory leak that would manifest after a long playing session. Several textures were never released from memory.
  • UPDATED: Slight PhysX optimization
  • UPDATED: Optimized Junkyards to increase performance
  • UPDATED: Riftway slightly optimized for better performance
  • UPDATED: Game now records more data into the Log.txt


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I really do need to sit down with SPG2 again, may do it after this next DLC and play it. It still sits on my desktop. But its great to see all of the dedication to SPG2, a lot more than LGM had with SPG1. And this new Warlords game looks pretty good in concept as well.

I have to try out some of the mods in the steam workshop for this as well.

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Just came back to this game, and man, its great. I just sit down to do a trade run and three hours later its time for bed lol. Cant wait for this Titan DLC.

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Thanks guys. 🙂


On first game, 4 people worked with absolutely no budget, giving their knowledge and time, learning on trial and error basis, trying to make their dream come true. And they did. It was not the best game around, but it earned enough to give them the opportunity to start a serious company and make SPG2. Now there are 10 of us and although that's still not much, we are covering much more...


If anyone's interested in LGM people. Actually, only I am missing on it since I officially joined them shortly after this movie, but that's majority of LGM team. 🙂


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I got this game when it was in early access, played around 4 hours liked it but wanted to wait until release before really getting stuck into it.


For whatever reasons i'd uninstalled it and forgot about it, decided to reinstall last night and have just logged another 4 or so hours into it and am just loving it, this is pretty much what i wanted ELITE to be like.