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I use app personally on a daily basis and its great and takes the stress out of learning crypto and the crypto debit cards are great, ask me anything on this. I will probably make a thread discussing crypto soon. REFERRAL CODE = p5mu64hcq4

Starsector v0.7.2.a

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This really isn't new news but Starsector (aka Starfarer) has been in alpha for quite some time ahem 5yrs but it is still being developed and has quite the following actually and every so often I go back to their website to see what is new. Listening to this latest trailer I am really impressed about the sound effects in the game. And the attention to detail has always been high on this game (just look at the patch notes for this small release to get an idea: ), I will probably purchase once this game hits beta.

But for those that may like top down type games this one has a bunch of mods and a dedicated set of developers continuing work on this game to make it perfect. So show your support and visit their website and take a look around:

Note: the download on their site is for the alpha version but you will need to purchase a key to unlock it.