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A chess game

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Starshatter is a combat game with ships acting as chess-pieces. Although their locations are scripted. One has to strategically manage his forces just like pieces on chess.

There are three big roles.

(a) Carrier Fleet (Main)

(b) Destroyer\Cruiser Fleet (Supporting)

(c) Strike crafts

Carrier Fleet

1. Use fighters and frigates to screen enemy fighters. Keep them halfway between your group and enemy group.

2. Use your destroyers and cruisers to guard the carrier.

3. Use your bombers to assault in the order indicated

(i) Frigates

(ii) Destroyers

(iii) Cruisers

Leave the carrier for your destroyers or cruisers only. Always assault the carrier when it is all alone, as it is time consuming.

First eliminate the key ships in enemy cruiser\destroyer fleet, then add nav points in mission screen to the supporting squadron (DD or CA) to assault enemy carrier. As the carrier always launch bombers and fighters for your carrier. The supporting fleet will have time to sneak behind and catch them off guard.

Cruiser Fleet.

Highlight the enemy carrier fleet with your probes. Wait till your carrier (now under friendly ai) launches fighters and bombers against enemy fleet.

When the enemy bombers are busy with your friendly carrier, sneak slowly and stealthly towards enemy carrier. When nearby, you will ultimately have to face enemy bombers, make sure to be in groups and with a supporting frigate. You cannot avoid bombers attack altogether. The bombers are hard to kill even with fighters. You will definitely be a damaged fleet (minor or major). At that point, enemy carrier will probably jump away.

In any case, focus on carrier escorts only. Your job is to eliminate carrier escort only. When that escort is gone, retreat. Come back later for carrier hunt.


Well choose lighter targets first


Escort frigates or follow patrol.

Fighter\frigates combat is the least interesting part. Why?

Simply, you do not last long .