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Starshatter Open is now available on

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It's me again. It seems I'm active although only sporadically. Starshatter: The Open Source Project is coming to See its newly published website: . I'm still considering it, but I think this will be preferred option and I'll slowly remove website running on my own server.

The new nightly build includes joystick input fix.

If anyone has any problems with the game, or ideas, want to contribute or simply talk. Feel free to leave message in this, the other thread, or on project's Discord server.

 In near future I'd like to host Starshatter multiplayer wargames. I announced (or rather asked about interest) some time ago, so it's time to commit to the idea. Stay tuned!

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Aki besides the nightly builds do you have also a 'stable' build that generally runs well and this stable build only gets updated as testing happens and the community deems it stable. Not saying your not an amazing developer 😉 but we all make mistakes that could be missed and then would need to wait on a fix....

But nice site page and as always cheers to keeping this game alive.