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Klingon Gameplay

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Here is a link to the original article:

I liked the rank progression and what ships get unlocked along the way.


Klingons also progress through their ships in their own way. Rather than gaining access to a standard Cruiser, Escort or Science vessel, Klingons receive special variants of ships as they progress. As players achieve new ranks, new ships become available to them, like so:


B’rel Bird of Prey – capable of cloaking in combat.


Bird of Prey Mk. 1 – capable of cloaking in combat.

Lieutenant Commander

Bird of Prey Mk. 2 – capable of cloaking in combat.

Raptor Mk. 1 – similar to Federation Escorts.


Bird of Prey Mk. 3 – capable of cloaking in combat.

Raptor Mk. 2.

Battle Cruiser Mk. 1 – similar to Federation Cruisers, but feature more forward-facing guns.


Bird of Prey Mk. 4 – capable of cloaking in combat.

Raptor Mk. 3.

Battle Cruiser Mk. 2.


Bird of Prey Mk. 5 – capable of cloaking in combat.

Raptor Mk. 4.

Battle Cruiser Mk. 3

Carrier – a massive ship with multiple hangar bays capable of launching several smaller fighters.

In general, Klingon ships have more forward-facing weaponry than their Federation counterparts, and boast greater maneuverability. What’s more, Bridge Officer stations aren’t restricted by class, meaning Captains will be able to put any Bridge Officer they like into any station, regardless of their profession. In terms of ship customization, players will be able to alter the ship’s color and use several varying skins to change a ship’s look.

It seems that Cryptic concentrated a lot on the Federation side of the house because according to some of these comments here more content will be coming or is being looked at for the Klingon side. I personally want to play a Klingon if I jump into this game and I just want to be able to have just as many options as my enemy in the Federation.

The below quotes are from a Q&A done here:


Michael_Lightbringer: Will Gorn, Nausican, and Orion ships be included further down the line?

If it turns out this is something that you, the players want to see, we will certainly consider adding in these ships in a future patch.

Beaker2009: The article only states that Birds of Prey are capable of cloaking in battle, what about other Klingon ships?

All Klingon vessels with the exception of the Vo'Quv Carrier are equipped with a cloaking device. However, only Birds of Prey are capable of cloaking in and out during combat.

ZeDEG: What kind of ship customization do Klingons have access to? Can they add warp nacelles, change the look of the command section of the ship? Or is it just a matter of tweaking the color and basic skin of the ship?

At launch Klingon ships will be limited to tweaking the basic color and skin of their ships only. However, they can also still fully customize their weapons, shields, deflector arrays, and other ship components. We do want to add in more customization for Klingon Ship Appearance later on down the line though.

Hey everyone if you know and can write Klingon this next blurb is for you and you might be able to get yourself a job 🙂


ToyotaSmith - Will there be any Klingon-language content? Ever? Please?

We've been looking all over for someone to help us out with Klingon Localization. However, at this time there seems to be a shortage of Klingon linguists. We're hoping that as the Klingon language becomes more prominent we'll be able to find someone to help us out with this. We’re also looking into ways we can farm this out to the community. Any volunteers?