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Here is a short article that discusses some of the missions that you will come across in STO. ... sions.html

This seems like a nice mission system especially if all the quests are in-depth like the one below:


SS Azura

In the first mission that I undertook, I was sent to the aid of a Federation cargo ship called the SS Azura. The Azura is under attack by Orions. My first order of business was to fend off the attackers. This was your more typical "destroy all attackers" objective. After completing the space combat portion of the mission, I learn that the ship has suffered heavy damage, numerous plasma conduits have ruptured and that they have been boarded. Like a good Starfleet Ensign, I beam over to the ship with my away team to help out.

Star Trek Online

Once on board the Azura, I see damaged systems and unconscious crewmen. I scan the nearest crewman and learn that he's been overcome by radiation from the leaking systems and that I can beam them to my ship's sickbay as soon as I get those leaks fixed.

My away team and I make our way through the ship, interacting with the appropriate consoles to shut down the leaks which have been blocking us off from the Captain in Main Engineering. Once we shut down the leaks, we are able to beam injured crewmen away and make our way to Engineering.

Upon arriving in Main Engineering, we find that the Warp Core is too heavily damaged and is going to breach, so we have to fight our way back to our beam-in point to return to our own ship. Once back on board, we are hailed by an Orion battleship. Bigger and more powerful, it tells me to back off or be destroyed. I fight the battleship, which basically equates to a small "boss fight" before beaming the captain and remaining crew from the Azure to safety. Mission complete.