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Planet Exploration Contest

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Forgot to let people know that there is a contest going on at

So go and enter and hope someone wins from here!

They give you a image and you fill in the blanks... here is a bit from the site:


Part of the adventure that comes from exploring strange new worlds is discovering that planet's history and hearing the stories of its inhabitants. Imagine you have just entered orbit around the planet pictured here. Your mind races with the possibilities of what you will find. What is the planet's name? What or who lives there? Are they peaceful or antagonistic, welcoming or outright hostile? Are they long gone leaving only more mysteries to solve?


Tell us about the planet shown here as well as on the Planet Exploration contest rules page. You can tell a story of daily life of the inhabitants, make a scientific survey log entry, or weave any type of tale you choose.

Email us your story of up to 500 words at by January 29, 2009.

Orbit established, Captain. What do you think is down there?

Possible rewards for winning:

Runner-Up Prize (x2)

The Winner of a Runner-Up Prize will receive a special forum title on their Star Trek Online Forum Account. There is no cash-value for this prize.

First-Place Prize

The Winner of the First-Place Prize will receive a guaranteed beta slot in our closed beta, a special forum title on their Star Trek Online Forum Account, and their Entry will be featured on the Star Trek Online Website. There is no cash-value for this prize.