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reloading space fighters

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Ok, so basically,,, there are some bounds to the topic, and some specific concepts. 

basically:   this will apply to "universes" that are limited to bullets and missiles. Sure, there would be energy weapons, but maybe there will still be essential bullets and missiles in this case. (well, otherwise the topic is moot). 

So basically, bullets are heavy and run out, and so do missiles,,, BUT it still is important that a pilot is able to carry the weapons to a certain point or time, and then fire them,,, so there isn't a winning workaround for skipping a fighter, you need one,, but they just can't carry much ordinance. 

so the poll is: do you think this seems like something that could happen? (question below) 

the resulting engineering, is ships, where the missiles (presumably large) are mounted to the exterior and the bullets are stored in a magazine of some kind. the missile bracket and the magazine are actually like little drones equipped with little rcs thrusters for stabilization, and the ordinance is actually lobbed into an orbit or position that the fighters can then fly to, speed match the ordinance, and dock to it,,,, then go back to combat. 

some points for thought:  

-mostly, the clips wouldn't go far from the carrier/host ship,,, the host would be strategically in position to gently launch clips to a place where they should be mostly safe, but close to the fighters,,, basically just outside of the hangar. 

-basically, the only other option is to dock in the hangar and reload,, because there's no possible way to carry enough ordinance and still remain useful as a fighter (not that I have the full logic, just that I'm assuming the ship needs to be so small that the ammunition is just out of control, it IS that limited). 

-basically, it would work like halo or Doom,,, where the user walks across some ammunition and then has it,,, although it would be a bit more time consuming , that would be the idea. The pilot is able to communicate with the drone which will then orient itself, then the pilot moves close to it, matches the speed, and the magazine clips on. 

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Makes perfect sense to me!

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Nice idea that Tsmspace and I guess if the ammunition drone was just sat in space with no power on it would be very hard to detect and only power up when the fighter came within range of it.