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Wayward Terran Frontier Update 0.7.x

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The game is still under development and progressing nicely, it is still in early access on Steam but the developer seems active enough in his posting and bug fixes. Here is the release notes for v0.7.1:

After the release I had plenty of bug reports to keep me busy. I of course sat on the more nasty bug reports for as long as I could because those are irritating and take longer to diagnose. I'm glad to say some of them were fixed in but since these bugs always take longer to find I do enjoy taking a little extra time to add some features with the fixes.

Thus, is a slightly fun patch. Here's the notes:

A lot Of the ingame UI now scales with a new setting value. Note that this is a first pass at UI scaling so it is only the elements deemed to be the best combination of important and easy to code. Also it isn't any sort of crazy fancy scaling algorithm, so if you make the UI too big and everything looks fuzzy and goes off the edge of the screen then your warranty is immediately void and we are sending our Pakistani friend to come collect your kidneys.
We've removed the autosave button from the settings. It wasn't doing anything because we removed that feature with the save overhaul so the button was just confusing people and making us rage. Autosave has been replaced by a guaranteed write to disk that ALWAYS happens when you dock, we just optimized it to be so fast you don't notice anymore.
That damn loading animation better not ever crash now
Seriously, there are 2 patch notes because I've added 2 full systems of checks to guarantee the loading animation can't crash because you moved the mouse to another screen or something stupid like that. Stupid loading screen.
added a fancy check which attempts to ensure that your game is using a real video card and not defaulting to integrated when both are available
added a fancy visual indication to the main menu that indicates when you might expect issues based on your GPU
In other words, your game will warn you if your GPU setup is doing something funky. The game still can't switch GPU because that's kinda extremely hard to do in our framework....if you know how to code such a thing in monogame I guess tell us please?
fixed a bug with taxi quests where rejecting the quest was still opening the map to show you where the passenger wanted to go
added the ability for arbitrary crew members to force station interior simulations to keep running when the player isn't around
taxi crew should now keep station interior simulations running so that they won't get stuck if you leave the station before they can board your ship
fixed a bug where taxi quests were breaking after giving you the reward leading them to finish with an error message...I'm pretty sure they did finish properly though
rewrote log data items to load their contents based on a search parameter instead of a hard coded link so that text data included in the captain's log can come from steam workshop items
changed the default icon for log entries
the flotilla creation process now checks ship inventory for custom log files and copies those files to the output directory. Please include these files with your mod upload if you want players to be able to read the lore you have written and placed inside your ship
added a fancy system for the player to enter their own log data files into ship inventory. If you are in the sandbox arena with debug mode on, click your captain's log and you will get a file selection dialogue. Any text file you select should be converted to a data log and moved to your game's data folder. Now...this will probably fail if your computer has strange issues with file permissions like that one guy on skype who's computer is a problematic mystery to everyone. Ah who am I kidding, you guys will find every single way this can possibly be broken and I'll be fixing it all next week. I hope you're happy, because you can use this to add custom lore text data files to any flotilla and it will interact properly with the captain's permanent log storage in singleplayer. If you're looking to crash the game I suggest strange character encodings or text files in chinese as a good place to start
fixed a bug where placing shields in the top left pixel of a design caused the editor to crash
you can now use the mouse scroll wheel on scrollable menu items like the load save list from the main menu
added a new module type - missile warhead converters. An active module which changes the warhead on all nearby missiles when activated. This one is only half-in as the warhead types are still a work in progress, however this is the finished solution to our planned framework for allowing different ordinance types to be unlocked by the player.
forced preloading on 2 map sectors in the red zone which should have always preloaded. If you got a waypoint that was hilariously far away it's because the quest failed to find the items in one of these sectors due to the sector not preloading. Sorry bout that.
you can now create a new profile from any workshop flotillas you have installed. I heard someone had asked for this so I did it like...last night. It cycles through every ship in every flotilla which means you can have duplicates, that's not my fault as it depends on the mod contents. If this feature is controversial I can revise it in the future to require mod makers to flag their creations for participation but I suspect it may not be an issue.
reduced the quantity of stations destroyed to complete the blockade breaking quest by half
and finally, the most important patch note: I found and hopefully fixed a mega-bug relating to the storage of session contents which has been harassing me for years. This bug has very complex implications which is why it was hard to find and hard to be certain how fixed it currently is, but a few days of theorycrafting leads me to believe it could have caused empty sectors, duplicated sectors, duplicated characters, zombie ships, and all manner of AI bugs. It was triggered by approaching a sector until you were close enough for it to load, and then not entering it, flying away until it unloaded, and then repeating the process one time for each horrible curse you wanted to inflict upon your simulation. I will be carefully monitoring the results of my fix.

Preview video of v0.7.x