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X3 TC Update 3.1

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Hi Folks

Here is some details of a new (possibly last) update to TC 😉


-= *X3: Terran Conflict - Update 3.1 is Available!* =-


With most of the EGOSOFT team now working full steam ahead on The Next

Big Thing, there has been little time to attend to the little niggles

that still exist in X3: Terran Conflict. It's very pleasing then that

an opportunity has arisen for what is perhaps a final update for the

game. There are no major features to speak of but a number of text,

mission and other bugs have been squished in addition to a couple of

fixes for the Balance of Power missions released with Update 3.0. It

has taken a little while to get round to this due to other priorities

but we appreciate your patience and hope you'll find the update a

useful one.

- Fixed occasional freeze issue in the Balance of Power mission

- Fixed case where the Balance of Power achievement may not unlock

- Some minor mission fixes

- Fixed some map issues (for new games only)

- Several text fixes

- Fixed blank messages when object names are coloured by mods

- Fixed several passenger transport missions which could break in

some circumstances

- Added Cargo Lifesupport System to Boron Angel

X3: Terran Conflict Update 3.1 can be found in our Download area:

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The Next Big Thing.

Surely that should be the Next Boring Thing. 😆

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PINBACK wrote:
The Next Big Thing.

Surely that should be the Next Boring Thing. 😆

Now now, Pinback. Just because the X series were spreadsheets designed as games that felt like playing a spreadsheet, doesn't mean to say their new project will be as dull. Let's have some optimism! 😀

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Of course the X: universe online comes to mind when they say that