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X3TC 2.7 Update

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Wow that was quick 🙂 Egosoft has pushed out another update for X3TC and they don't seem like they are slowing down because they mentioned some interesting features for 3.0 patch in the news letter. I really do need to spend some time with this game and really play it. Because reading through the patch news and the 2.6 update added some nice features and fixes to the game itself.

Here is the link to the download page:

Here is what is new in the update:


New Features and Improvements:

- Re-enabled use of more than 2GB RAM if supported by the operating system

- M6, M8 and TM ships now travel through gates like smaller ships

- Enabled M7 and M8 ships to spawn in more missions

- Station hack missions available at more locations

- Added chance of Xenon during a Defend Station mission

- M7M and M8 now spawn with more missiles aboard in missions

- Added greater variation between large and small Superfreighter and Tanker ships

- Improved capital ship undocking from the Terraformer HUB

- Reduced flak explosion volume

- Argon One is no longer invincible


- Fixed Universe Traders flying into enemy sectors

- Fixed Water Purification Plant L stats being identical to the M variation

- Fixed Ion Mine factory producing Tracker Mines and vice-versa

- Fixed a pirate trader with mixed up face and voice, piloting an incorrect ship class

- Fixed captured Aran not showing in sector map

- Fixed #deca remaining invincible after being boarded

- Fixed #cafe being boardable

- Fixed the capability for the player to shoot boarding pods at invincible ships

- Fixed Terran Military Stations using Trading Station icons

- Fixed incorrect complex node orientations in a number of station scenes

- Fixed incorrect cockpit positions on some ships

- Fixed missing texture on Python and Raptor

- Fixed missing pirate skins on Pirate Nova variations

- Fixed Guardian explosion effects

- Fixed centre point in several ship scenes

- Reduced Tokyo weapons recharge rate

- Rebalanced ATF Ships

- Added missing "Your" prefix to several player ships

- Added shield resupply functionality to Aldrin Stations

- Added missing reputation requirements to buy several Terran Missiles

- Added missing reputation requirements to buy the Keris drone

- Fixed incorrect escorts for Terran and Aldrin ships

- Removed Split Spacefly Protectors

- Removed laserpointer on some weapon dummies

- Several other improvements and bugfixes

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Looks like Egosoft has come out with a small fix to address some issues with 2.7 patch. Read the patch notes below:


X3: Terran Conflict Update 2.7.1

This is an update for version 2.7 only

Version 2.7.1 features:

* Fixed achievement "Reboot" and related Xenon boarding statistics

* Fixed a stall during the Final Fury plot

* Fixed plot character Mahi Ma getting stuck on a station

* Fixed the deliver illegal goods mission from not spawning

* Added ship cleanup code to the return matching ship mission

Additional information about X3: Terran Conflict 2.7.1 can be found in the 2.7.1 News Post and change log.

Attention: This update is not compatible with the Steam version of X3TC! The Steam client will automatically update your game files.

Once downloaded, simply run the .exe and follow the instructions.

Available Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Russian.

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So I can now use my 12 or 8GB internal mem 🙂