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This is the SSC download terminal, it is free to use and to download and upload files by residents of the station. These files and programs might help with the boredom of being on long hauls or missions. I would like to think of this area as a archive for space/scifi games of the past/present that cannot be found or purchased anymore. So in your travels if you come across any files or programs that could assist or entertain your fellow pilots please upload it to the terminal. Below is a few things to keep in mind when using the download area:

  • Please do not upload any copy-write games/files unless you are the author, they still have galactic laws and the station doesn’t need a fine
  • If you need to upload a file that exceeds 100MB please contact the admin to have it uploaded to the terminal or send me a link to your file in a PM/Email
  • When uploading, please try to make sure you are compressing the files (ex: zip, 7z, rar, tar, gzip)
  • I know there is a lot of abandonware and roms out there, if you are the developer or publisher of a specific game/file that is hosted on this terminal and want it removed please send the admin a email/PM and it will be removed
  • To my knowledge all of the files here are freely found online, or I have contacted the developer or the software is considered abandoned. No software is sold here, SSC cannot guarantee files will work and will not support any file uploaded to this download area (so use/install at your own risk)
  • Remember this is a archive, it is meant to preserve these files as they become lost to the vastness of space
  • NOTE: If you are having difficulties see this post for some help:
Feel free to leave a comment below for anything related to the download area or about about possible files that can be acquired

Downloading Help (perform these steps):

  1. ‘Right-Click’ on the file you wish to download and select ‘Get Info & Share’ option
  2. When a pop-up comes up with the file info, right-click on the link and do a ‘Save Link As’
  3. File should download successfully

Please login to access file manager.

Please login to access file manager.

36 thoughts on “Download Terminal

  1. Hi Everyone

    Very sorry for the late reply, what browser are you people using? I use Chrome almost exclusively, but I just performed a test download of FFED3D-beta3-ittiz.7z and it took about 1min to complete and it extracts fine for me.

    Remember to ‘Right-Click’ on the file and select ‘Get Info & Share’ and when that pop-up comes up right-click on the link and do a ‘Save Link As’ and it should download fine. I will update the thread for helping on downloading this week sometime. But I haven’t had issues downloading files. When I do it this way

  2. Hello! I am interested in playing Frontier First Encounters but don’t know what to do, I see a FFED3D folder with lots of things… Which do I download and which do I overwrite with one another? I have heard about the ittiz mod and the AndyJ mod, which do I get? And can I get both at the same time?

    1. go here – and download the shareware version of FFE (you will need a copy whatever you do)

      then all the info on what to download to play FFED3D can be found here – – just scroll to the bottom

      but if if you just wanna play regular First Encounters you have 2 options – the old way or the new way

      Old Way – you can use dosbox to run the shareware version
      New Way – download JJFFE instead of D3D ………its just bog standard FFE but now working on windows with bugs fixed (its basically D3D with all the old graphics still intact)

      what ever you do make sure you find a download of FFE that has the data folder inside it (its usually in the ISO version) because those old space dock video files are hilarious lol

  3. Hello, @DarkOne ..

    Coming into ..
    .. I see a line reading:

    “This shortcode has been expired. Please contact with the site admin.”

    I do not recall inputting any short code? O_O

    I clicked thru on the link as given —
    NOTE: If you are having difficulties see this post for some help:

    .. and also reviewed your Screenshot, but I do not even see a downloads list? O_O
    What am I missing, please? 😀

    I wanted to resurrect my old FFE and apply JJ / AJ, as per
    .. which is how I came to this website. 🙂

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Oh the Download Area isn’t working I will get right on that, didn’t see that.

      Ahh, in the menu bar click on ‘DL Terminal’ and that will take you to the download tool. I had to shorten the name a bit for room for additions 🙂 I will look over that post and try to make a new screenshot or instructions to save the confusion.

      1. Back in today, and the file managing folder-view screen / window / frame / table (lol) is here now; Thank You! 😀 😀 😀

        When I first tried to click on the “#-F”, both in the left “tree” panel and in the main window, I ended up generating some little JSON error window.
        Silly me, didn’t pay attention and clicked OK to get rid of it…
        (..but I had left the tab open since yesterday, and figured maybe related to a session cookie or some such…)

        Reloaded / refreshed the page, it seems to be working (expanding the tree in the left panel) but appears to be taking a long time to load file listings in the main.

        If that’s normal, then don’t mind me (I have patience enough!), but I thought I’d let you know, in case it’s anything you need to review.

        Thanks again. 🙂

        1. I think this is my host Godaddy… being on a shared host has its disadvantages 🙁 I know when I click on folders it tends to take like 10-20s sometimes. Someday i would like to go to a dedicated host but its about the money 😉 maybe in the future SSC will make more and I can upgrade the hosting service. I think in a year my contract ends with godaddy I will look into another host

  4. This shortcode has been expired. Please contact with the site admin.
    I feel like every time ive tried to play FE2 this place hasnt worked lmao

  5. Hi guys, new to the community & a first time commenter.:) I’m using a MacBook Pro and the Mac version macJJFFE above won’t work with Catalina. Will this be updated or should I find another way to play? This has been one of my favourite games since ’95, and Frontier & Elite before that, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

  6. Got game working, but my entire hud is missing, my crosshair is missing, clicking on buttons seems to not be clicking in the correct place (dead spots clicking on menu for save/load/graphics/etc.

  7. For some reason when I downloaded FFED3D the starship UI would not show up along with multiple textures. Anyone know why? Thanks in advance.

    1. Did you download the file by any chance? (or was it something else?)
      You need to add this build over the top of an existing (legacy) FFED3D installation – either FFED3D_Complete.7z or preferably FFED3D-beta3-Ittiz.7z.
      (These were widely installed already by the community when I began my own build so I kept my own downloads to a minimal set of files rather than a ~500mb download every release to spare this site excess traffic & associated costs)
      There’s a thread for the build here:
      Please drop by and hopefully the primary post in it will help you set things up. If you read towards the later posts, there is a link to a new beta build that you can add once you’ve got a working installation. The forum areas are a much better place to post any questions/chat about the games/files unless you are wanting to reporting a broken d/l to the site Admin.
      Hope this helps!
      Cheers, AndyJ

    1. Its what I have to deal with since WordPress doesn’t have a integrated file system tool. And if I just allow FTP access people would abuse the upload features. So until a new file download plugin comes available I am stuck with this one. And I think GoDaddy hosting has something to do with the performance of the download section.

      1. When I try to download stuff it says network error half way I can continue the download yet a large number of files get corrupted and can’t be used

        1. I have the same issue with ‘FFED3D-beta3-Ittiz.7z’. It gave a Network Error and allowed to manually resume. The file was corrupted.

          It astonishes me that in this day and age something so simple as a file transfer can be prone to failure and corruption. Back in 1983 as a spotty teenager I developed my own version of the ZMODEM protocol that would allow switching of 1200/75 baud to 75/1200 baud and allow a fast upload with CRC checks and retries. Worked great on my BBC Micro.

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