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I know, D1 you are reviewing a 5yro game. You have to excuse my slowness I have little time and a huge backlog of games I want to play.

But I gave Rebel Galaxy a nice run of 60hrs and I unlocked all but 2 of the achievements on steam. I didn’t feel like to continuing to grind or start over to make different choices to get the other two.

Overall I had a lot of fun with Rebel Galaxy and attained the best dreadnought ship in the game which is a beast and you can take out pretty much anything in that thing with LVL6 weapons and defenses. You never get to fly in first person, only third person view and can do a turret view.

You have a few different factions: Merchants, Mercenaries, Military, Pirate and some alien ones I cannot remember. But what you will notice is that the factions will help or fight each other which is definitely a nice touch and there is actions in the game that mess with the economy like convoys getting jumped or pirates/military blockading a port.

How do you earn cash? Mainly quests, hacking satellites for special locations and just looting destroyed ships. The story is very average, but I wish they would have gave a little more background on the AI you find. You will be able to complete the game before building up enough money to buy a dreadnought unless you grind your ass off. But you can definitely keep playing after the game ends, everything just continues on like business as usual.

You can hire a wingman in the game which I would recommend because they definitely help keep those small fighters busy because they can sometimes really be tough when they launch a huge amount of missiles at you 😉

I found the game much easier to play with a controller so I would recommend using that over the keyboard and mouse. And remember the game only saves when you dock…. haha don’t do like I did a few times and rage quit after I respawn at a station and see that I lost hours of play.

Here is a few pros/cons about Rebel Galaxy:


  • Lots of ships, weapons, equipment components, enhancements you can add to your ship and you can clearly see differences between them in the hanger
  • You can place weapons in turret spots, which helps greatly in combat if you think about how these weapons fire
  • Combat was fun and can be challenging especially when its you against 20-30 ships 😉
  • Alien ship design was nice
  • Trading was nice when you have the info and visited the ports, it will give you estimated prices based on the last time you were at that port/station
  • The sound effects and music were really good


  • You only get to fly on the x-axis (horizontal), but its understandable since you are usually in large ships
  • The sectors could have had more randomness to them
  • When a enemy hails you there is some responses that you can send back that you think they would retreat or surrender because its obvious they are gonna loose…. so it would have been nice to have the attackers notice your greatness 😉
  • I would have liked more depth to the story and more missions to expand it, because it could have been a great story
  • Its a open world, but kinda empty besides the stations and sparse asteroid/junk fields

What would I have suggested to improve the game?

  • You are in control of these big ships, why not have a crew you can recruit, manage and level up.
  • Ability to move about the interior of your ships, would have been amazing to actually watch the action from the inside
  • Would have liked to experience component failure
  • It would have been cool to be hunted by the factions where they catch you by surprise or come with a huge force

I definitely had fun playing Rebel Galaxy and its under-rated I think and if Double Damage Games can improve upon what they did with Rebel Galaxy then the sequel will be fun to play as well. Go check it out on steam here:

Currently on sale for $2.99 at that price you get a lot of gameplay.

6 thoughts on “Rebel Galaxy Review

  1. D1, don’t feel bad for reviewing a five year old game… I still haven’t gotten around to playing it and it’s been sitting in my collection a looong time. I tried it a few times (really dug the opening soundtrack, very Firefly), but for some reason it just didn’t draw me in enough to pursue it. Maybe one of these days…

    1. Hehe that is why I played it because it was in my game list for years and now the sequel is out so I really should play it, glad I did it was entertaining. Yeah I will admit there is some boring moments, but the combat is solid and can be quite tough at times. You are correct the music is good and I think (I don’t remember) you can also play your own music. But the in-game stuff is good.

    1. If you grind a little bit before really kicking into the story arc you should be fine. Because you are right, later in the game if your ship is not outfitted right the game could be frustrating. Since the story is on hold until you do the missions you have a little time to grind a bit to least get a better ship and better equipment and weapons, so just do like 20 quests or so and you should be all set. If you dive right into the story and go from story mission to story mission you definitely will have a hard time in the end game.

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