Donate to the upkeep of SSC Station

Residents of the station,

I have created this donation terminal as a way for pilots to help with costs of keeping this station running. It costs quite a few credits to keep this station clean, policed, canteen stocked and maintenance bays functional. It would help a lot if you chip in a little of your profits too keep this station running. Because without the family of pilots and traders that call SSC their home this station would have been decommissioned a long time ago.

SSC may be on the fringes of space, but this station is a safe haven and last stop before the unknown. Let’s keep these lights on and the oxygen scrubbers running because it sure is dark and cold in space.

Thanks again pilots and friends for your donations, SSC is the longest active station covering this sector of space and its because of this community of pilots, traders and mercenaries.

Please stay as long as you like and please try not to break my cleaning droids because I don’t see you picking up a mop.

Thank you,

DarkOne aka SSCAdmin
SpaceSimCentral Station


This terminal accepts all forms of donation payments, if your method of choice is not listed below just let me know and I will add it:

Using PayPal

Using Crypto Currency (SSC Wallet Deposit Addresses below)

  • BitCoin: 1ugMTHmzZAG3qopsJjTTdFmVMyP9k8YaN
  • Etherium: 0xb845604014784adE205dA9003b9f1F5956b4C383
  • XRP: rUfja11BJBWwuXR2dbxNKrmYRZRS3cnwc3
  • TRON: TFnn5b9DU1zC2XUpnKV8No5Pe7qU4LRLY1
  • Tezos: tz1NypgxXars2S1Rm3ts9YA9nVQ463zKYB7W
  • VeChain: 0x02cabf0ab33ddc481f21554ef1c5874beca5d7b6
  • Zilliqa: zil1r5hej850fg9l5exglhnf2qkd2qn68uyvfjmhdv
  • Tether: 0xb845604014784adE205dA9003b9f1F5956b4C383