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Lifeless Planet Review


This game has been sitting in my EGS account for a while and thought I would give it a run. I will try to stay away from the storyline, but you are a astronaut that crashes on a planet and you find out that there is evidence of life so you start to explore. This will be how you unfold the story with small little cutscenes while your exploring and finding tablets throughout your adventures (I would read the entries).

In simple terms this game is a walking simulator and actually somewhat of a short game, my game play lasted about 5hrs in total. I would have liked more technical aspects to the game since really the only part of surviving on the planet was getting O2 every once in a while and they didn’t make it particularly hard to find it since you seemed to run out at always a specified time when O2 was nearby.

The one strong point of Lifeless Planet was the story, but you had to read the tablet entries to have it all make sense, the cutscenes didn’t provide all that you needed to understand everything. Also a nice touch was the audio both speech and music did set the mood.

I would have liked more interaction with the environment and the puzzles that were provided were not too challenging at all.

Should you pick up the game? Yes, but only if it is on sale for like $5 because it will give you a few hours of fun. I do recommend a controller instead of the keyboard/mouse since you do some jumping. But do keep in mind this game is short, I guess you could extend it if you want to achievement hunt 🙂

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    1. Yup, the story is really the only reason to play the game. There is no replay value to this game since the story ending cannot change. There definitely could have been some great things they could have done with this game, because I thought they set the loneliness factor up well in the game and if they just would have allowed a bit more interaction or investigation it could have improved the game greatly.

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