About SpaceSimCentral Station

First off welcome travelers to SSC

SpaceSimCentral was constructed back in October of 2008. This has definitely been an experience, never thought station construction would sometimes last so long. We seem to always have some maintenance crews working on the station to make it a prime destination for long haul pilots. With there being a trading hub here it is a great place to meet other pilots and find out the latest news and happenings going on in the sector. Here is hoping we will still be a viable station for many years to come. Most stations don’t make it this long especially with the changes in our sector over the years and technology making places and people obsolete. SSC will always be a place at the edge of space where anyone can call home and be themselves.

So why was SpaceSimCentral constructed? Well I had been visiting various stations in my travels for years and never really was satisfied with either my experience or lack of community, I had to visit numerous stations to try find what I need or stay up to date on the ongoings in the sector. So I thought why not take all those credits I have been saving and start my own station and deliver the services I couldn’t get in one place.

I chose to put SSC at the edge of sector space to assist those weary pilots looking to find a home, repairs, a hiding place or just a drink. Its amazing how this community has grown here over these many years and the conversations and times we have shared together.

So dock your ship in the hanger and go to the canteen and introduce yourself to the stationeers and find out what is going on in our sector. Don’t forget to spread the word about our space station in your travels so this station can grow and be the only place where pilots should be!

See you in the canteen…. and do leave the cleaning droids alone they are really busy.

DarkOne aka SSCAdmin

You can message my terminal or PM anytime.