WCSO Keygen

Wing Commander Secret Ops: Activation Key Generator

This key generator creates a key which allows you to play Wing Commander Secret Ops. Why the key generator? Because you used to be able to get a key from Origin Systems and now their website doesn’t exist anymore for WC Secret Ops so this free game wouldn’t be playable anymore.

1. Enter your call-sign you will use in the game in the 'Call-sign' box.
2. Now select a skill level (Veteran is default)
3. Your key should appear in the bottom box. If your key doesn't appear try clicking on another difficulty level and back to your selection.
4. Take this key and insert it when prompted by the Secret Ops install.


Difficulty Level:

Activation Key:

*** If you don't already have Wing Commander: Secret Ops you can download the Complete Secret Ops package from the download area! ***

WCSO Keygen – Was created by HCl and modified by DarkOne for use on SSC.

Wing Commander Secret Ops is a copyright of Origin Systems